Leadership responsibilities

As a Group Coordinator (or leader) it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and supervision of all young people that come with your church and participate at SYG.

Things to remember

  • The Conference of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania has published “A Code of Practice for the Protection of Children within our Churches” which all Group Coordinators should be familiar with. If you have not already read this document, you can download a copy here or call the Church of Christ Conference Centre (Ph: (03) 9488 8800). It covers such topics as selecting leaders, transport safety, how to handle accidents and emergencies, etc.
  • Sleeping arrangements – ensure male and female sleeping areas are adequately separated.
  • Make sure every person attending with your group has signed the official SYG registration form digitally. This is not only a requirement of attending SYG, but may also be required in the event of an emergency. Those preparing food should be aware of any food alergies, and all leaders should be aware of any medical conditions.
  • Ensure your camp ground is a safe place to be. This includes making sure electrical leads are checked and tagged, correct safe food practices are observed, etc.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all young people are accounted for and if they are left at a venue, it will be your responsibility to collect them and return them to Lardner Park.
  • At all times try to ensure that you know where each young person is. This means keeping a record of what sports they are participating in and which leader has responsibility for them at that particular time.
  • Ensure that if young people are barracking or just watching a sport they check back with the designated leader at specific times. It is also necessary to tell them that they must not leave the venue unless they are accompanied by a leader.
  • During the evening program time it is essential that you know the whereabouts of group members. We encourage everybody to participate in Evening Worship and Village activities. We recognise it is hard to know exactly where young people are during this time, however we suggest that you make regular times for all young people to meet with you.

Most of this is common sense – just remember that as Group Coordinator, you and your leadership team are responsible for those you bring along to SYG. Their parents are counting on you to provide duty of care.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us – info@stateyouthgames.com