Evening Program

A major SYG highlight, the evening program sees teams gather together for a massive worship rally presented in a relevant format in the main shed (Baw Baw Pavillion at Lardner Park).

With so many young people gathered in the one space, the Evening Programs are designed to provide an opportunity for us to gather as the wider church in an intentional time of musical worship and hear input from our featured speaker.

Hosted by our SYG MCs, the Evening Program celebrates all that SYG is, with highlight videos from the day’s activities, sports results on the big screen, social media competitions. Adding in some art, dance or drama elements makes it the perfect way to get into the evening life of games as well as keep up to date with SYG news.

Due to the limited size of Baw Baw Pavilion and the number of people at State Youth Games, we need to run two Evening Programs back to back. Each group is given the opportunity to select a preference on the Rego Site and are asked to attend the program they are allocated so that we can safely fit every one in. Meeting in the Pavilion means that if you want a seat you need to bring your camp chairs to the pavilion. To make sure those braving it without a camp chair can see, there is a section up the front exclusively for those without chairs.

We know that the format or style of the Evening Program will not be familiar to all groups; our hope is that it would however invite everyone into conversations about aspects of life, faith, and purpose. If you would like some ideas on ways to prepare your young people for the Evening Program or some ways to follow them up with conversations around the camp fire or in the car please speak with our Pastoral Care Support committee member Ella.

The State Youth Games evening program is run in two sessions, the first which begins at 7:00pm & the second at 8:30pm and is a highlight of the weekend. The main events are presented in Baw Baw Pavillion. The programs run for about 45mins each and all campers are expected to attend their session.