Driving Policy

This event brings about many factors which are not commonly faced during an average youth group event such as:

poor weather conditions
country driving
a major influx of traffic in small area

Therefore the Driver’s Policy of State Youth Games is asking more than Victorian state law requires, particularly in relation to probationary license holders.

This Driver’s Policy is derived from point 8.13 (Driving and Transport) of the Duty of Care for Responsible Leadership of Children and Youth document created by Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania. Youth Vision Vic/Tas have made some amendments to this document specific to SYG and the policy states:

The driver will observe and adhere to all speed limits and road laws
Permission to drive a participant must be obtained from the child’s parent/guardian
Leaders must not drive a child/youth on their own
The driver must be fully licensed or a Victorian green p-plater in order to carry passengers
Red P-platers (Probationary 1 drivers, first year drivers) must not carry any passengers
All driver’s carrying passengers must fill out a driver nomination form and submit to the State Youth Games office upon arrival
Whilst driving on site at Lardner Park, all drivers (including visitors, vendors and suppliers) must drive at walking pace (5km)
Where local churches/teams hold policies which enforce the above plus more, we encourage that local church/team to continue to hold their policy. The State Youth Games driving policy is to be enforced as a base line policy.

Any one driving recklessly or outside of this policy will be asked to remove themselves from the event by event organisers.

All drivers must fill in a driver nomination form and each team is to submit their forms on the Friday night of registration on the weekend of the event.