Camp Sites @ Lardner Park


Lardner Park is 15k out of Warragul.

Powered Sites

Most sites at Lardner Park are powered. You need to ensure all electrical leads are checked, tagged and tested before using them at Lardner Park.

Toilet/Shower facilities

There are two toilet and shower blocks at Lardner Park. We also hire several portable facilities which are distributed throughout Lardner Park.

Site Allocation

We have had a few enquiries as to how camp sites at Lardner Park are allocated.

Each year we sit down with:

  • the number of people registered with each group
  • the number of marquees and caravans groups are bringing
  • any special requests made via the registration process
  • a list of new groups attending (normally 5-10 each year) and those not returning for whatever reason

The previous year’s site map is used as a starting point. Increases or decreases in the size of groups require some reshuffling of some sites.

For most groups, we aim to give them the same site they had in previous years, but this cannot be guaranteed or should not be assumed. We also do our best to accommodate requests, but again this cannot be guaranteed. There are over 60 separate groups attending SYG; unfortunately can we cannot consult every group impacted by a change in site.

We simply ask groups to be aware the process is a difficult one, where it’s impossible to please everyone. The site allocation is one performed by volunteers who are giving their time and try their best. We thank all groups for their understanding and taking any decisions affecting them in
the spirit of the Games.

Important things to remember…

There are several things that need to be considered during your stay at State Youth Games. Some of the most important are:

  • All campfires must be contained within a properly elevated fireplace, and at least 5m away from all tents. You will need to supply your own firewood.
  • All campers should be within the bounds of their own campsites by midnight.
  • No trespassing on neighbouring properties.
  • No noise after midnight. No excessive noise at any time.
  • No alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Only drivers who have signed the driver nomination forms will be allowed to drive campers between sporting venues and Lardner Park.
  • The speed limit at Lardner Park is 5kph (walking speed).
  • Lardner Park recommends that all the main power leads, in the open, from their power source be “tagged” for the weekend. Talk to your friendly church electrician. The S.Y.G. committee will not be responsible for breaches of this recommendation.
  • No girls to sleep in guys tents and vice versa – married couples exempt!
  • No sleeping in cars (Caravans/Campervans are ok)
Typical site with white boundries sign and marquee