The campfire is an excellent place for a community to bond through conversation and food. To make this is a safe space please ensure the following requirements are being met:

  • All campfires must be properly contained. We recommend a washing machine drum, half a metal barrel/drum, or metal/ceramic bathtub.
  • The ground and airspace within a distance of 3 meters from the outer perimeter and upper most point of the fire is clear of flammable material
  • There must be a hose connected to a water supply or a vessel with at least 10 litres of water available for immediate use
  • An adult is present at all times when the fire is alight who has the capacity and means to extinguish the fire
  • The fire does not occupy/vessel exceeding 1 square metre in any direction
  • Always ensure that the fire is completely extinguished before you leave the site, or ensure that a person who is capable of extinguishing the fire is left in charge of it

Information from the Victoria State Government, department of environment, land, water and planning.

All teams are responsible for organising their own firewood