Bonus Points

Church groups can also earn bonus points for providing sport coordinators, umpires, first aid officers and members of the music and drama teams. Each church earns two bonus points for each sport coordinator and one bonus point for each umpire and first aid officer that they provide, up to a maximum of five bonus points per sport.

Bonus points are available to umpires in Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Netball, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee (Under-18 and Finals) and Volleyball (Finals). Basketball and Netball umpires must have accreditation with the sports’ relevant governing bodies.

Each umpire must officiate in at least two matches during State Youth Games to qualify for bonus points. Umpiring rosters will be prepared prior to State Youth Games, and will be provided to Group Coordinators for the nominated umpires. Where more umpires are nominated than are required, the umpiring duties will be distributed evenly across the nominating Churches.

Members of the music, drama and technical teams can also qualify for bonus points, where they are required to forfeit the opportunity of playing sport in favour of rehearsals, etc. for the evening program. Awarding of these bonus points is at the discretion of the State Youth Games committee, and no more than five bonus points will be awarded to each church.